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Comments (16)

I haven't had a real good scare in a while. I can't wait to play another exmortis game! The most creepiest game ever!

Wow man, I m really looking foward to play exmortis 3, it feels like it will take exmortis or even horror pint and clicks to a whole new level, maybe like the resident evil 4 did to the horror-survival genre. you should be proud

Um. I think I just... Yep, I've got wood. Wood is happening right now. In my pants.

Can't wait.

i await eagerly.

Oh yes cannot wait for it.


And you just plainly spoiled the ending haah. ;)

dude i have been waiting for a very very long time for this game so this game better scare the living breathing crap out of me or just kill me from over scareness that is what i look for in your work and you have not failed me in your horror games yet so come on give me your best shot i can take any thing

Yay! But, just asking, but do you have a plot yet? Also, why does it look more "I Am Legend"-ish as opposed to Exmortis 2's barren wasteland? Last, I have to ask about bad guys. Okay, in the first we have the 5th sacrifice in Exmortis, who was killed with an axe, the demons in the alternate ending, in the second we've got the demons that the Hand of Exmortis spawns, who are all sucked back into the Dominion, plus the armless one at the beginning if (that also makes a cameo in the first), you're not quick, will jump out & kill you (btw, how could he kill u when he has neither arms nor a jaw?), who was also sucked back into the portal, so what now? Who's there left? Not to mention 90% of mankind was ripped apart, so that kinda rules out any human enemies. Please reply

Dude I love the series and I can't wait.

FINAL CHAPTER?!?!?!??! YOU MEAN ITS THE LAST ONE sorry for caps BUT NOOOO i love your games ive waied so long for exmortis 3 and now its the final chapter T.T im hurt cant wait to play exmortis 3 though .-.

Finally! Can't wait :)

i'm getting reaallyyy excited for the 3rd part of exmortis..
i'm sure it's gonna be freakin awesome ^_^


I cannot WAIT much longer for Exmortis 3 to come out, I'm a huge fan of your point and click horror games man

exmortis 1 = shear genius!
exmortis 2 = pure brilliance!
purgatorium = short but fantastic!
goliath the soothsayer = fucking epic!

3 years in the making for exmortis 3 this game will probably the greatest point and click horror game to date

I lost my hopes long time ago, VERY great to see you are still working on it!

Man, you're keeping us out on a lot with the paid version