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I haven't laughed that hard at a piece of Flash in a long time... Awesome work

Warped - Just the way I like it!

I've got to say Dave - You certainly have me hooked on this series, mate... rock on...

I could go in to an artistic analaysis of the inner mind of Salad Fingers, but I just can't bring myself to do it...

Hopefully there will be a cameo in a Simpsons episode for Salad Fingers soon!

mmmm.... rusty metal....

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By no means perfect, but you can't fault that this is a well rounded and beautifully designed game.

Casual games have become quite repetitive these days - the same ideas constantly recycled with new graphic and sound assets. However this game serves as a reminder that there is so much more untapped potential in the casual gaming space.

Technically, I can tell that a game like this would be a challenge to bring together. The background art of the game world is some of the best I've seen for an isometric flash game. And as a game designer, I find much to learn from this piece of work.

Great effort.

Beautiful artwork

The artwork was beautiful, the set up of the story was well done. Kind of like Twin Peaks set in the old west. It was compelling enough of a story to drive me to continue playing until this episode's conclusion. That said, I have a few criticisms...

It's a shame that it is let down by a few critical short-comings. This title suffered from a bare-bones game mechanic, lack of scene transition, minimal UI and a complete lack of animation. However, these are all qualities that I am sure if given a decent level of thought that you can rectify for the next chapter.

I also felt short changed by there being no real satisfactory conclusion to this chapter. It left me feeling a little robbed of any sense of accomplishment of making it through the game.

This is an honorable entry to the point-n-click genre, just let down by a few stock standard features you expect to find in a game like this. Well done!

Not bad...

Story had many elements borrowed from other genres. It was a little too close to Event Horizon for comfort. But as a game designer myself, there are many elements of this game that I am impressed with.

Play now my Lord.

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