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New Exmortis 3 Screenshot

Posted by LefflerWebDesign - April 23rd, 2009

Greetings from the 3S offices... I'm just putting the finishing touches on the 3rd chapter and things are coming together nicely. So I thought that I'd unleash the latest screenshot from the Exmortis 3 development... I hope this tickles you horror junkies pink.

I've been given the "wrap it up" signal to have this monster project ready shortly, so fingers crossed that it gives me enough time to fit every kick ass feature I've been meaning to integrate since day 1 (whilst juggling a major client project). Exciting days ahead, that's for sure... :)

And remember, be sure to visit the development blog at http://exmortis3.blogspot.com and visit http://www.fizzy.com for other quality games from the rest of the team here at 3rd Sense.


New Exmortis 3 Screenshot

Comments (16)

Are we missing out on a lot if we don't get the paid version?

'll be publishing a confirmed list of premium version vs free version comparisons closer to the release date once the game has gone to our beta testers...

At this stage the premium version will have extra chapters (making the game twice as long), story sub-plots, mini-games, multiple endings (instead of just one cannon ending) high quality uncompressed graphics/sound, full speech & voice acting, extra inventory items and a few funky extra features which I'm keeping under wraps until release...

Kewl, can't wait...

Awesome, can't wait!

There's gonna be a third? Really? Yay! I'm excited!

I must say, you've done this series very well, and I've enjoyed it very much.


Yep, we are missing out on a lot. :(

i hope it will not be full of screamers, but more of an exciting plot!

just saying....

the first two had that.

and yea, i just say a good horror game needs tension, not only screamers

and you got most of it right, i really like your games, they are a success

Hail Vlaew!

We hafe to pay >:(

i love this series but sudenly i hafe to pay i hope its worth it :(

Just to reiterate, there will be a free version. However for the full game experience as I intended it, a premium commercial version will be available for purchase from www.fizzy.com

How much is the payed version going to cost? And what currency we can use?

Pricing for the premium edition of Exmortis 3 will be announced closer to release, however I can assure you that it will be extremely affordable and no where near as costly as your regular "off-the-shelf" games are.

And I do believe Fizzy.com can handle most international currencies for transactions, so everyone will be able to purchase the title with minimal fuss :)

I peed my pants in excitment

hi like ur games cant wait till exmoirtis 3!!

cool man can' wait

Holy @!#$


looks so epic...

By the way I forgot to ask something. Is it going to be released this year and will the price be very "Easy-To-By" price?