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Exmortis 3 Game Poster

2009-05-15 21:33:21 by LefflerWebDesign

Greetings Newgroundians (is that even a word?)

I was going to save it for a moment closer to release, but then I thought "aah - what the hell... you can't hold back the demon apocalypse now, can you?" So heres a nice little Exmortis 3 poster which I knocked up during the week for the 3RD Sense office here.

For the full size poster, grab it at ... Download, distribute and start getting excited! Exmortis 3 is not far away :)

Ben Leffler.

Exmortis 3 Game Poster


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2009-05-15 21:38:23

Actually...the correct term is "Newgrounders" (pronounced New-Ground-er"z" - emphasis on the "z")

I never heard of that is Australian Only?

BTW : Is Naughty Dog Entertainment Australian or Japanese? Crash Bandicoot was Awesome old school. Jak Too... - topic...ever watched "Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV?"

newest episode...

Maori Warrior Vs Shaolin Monk.

LefflerWebDesign responds:

Aaah - Newgrounderz... I stand corrected ;)

Exmortis 3 is an international game, by the way. The free to web version will be released here at Newgrounds, and the full-blown download version will be available from


2009-05-15 21:40:43

If the game does become you plan on selling to US?

for which system?

LefflerWebDesign responds:

See above response. The game will be available online in a free and commercial version to everyone - not just Australia. :)


2009-05-15 22:01:36

Excited as heck Ben. Can't wait. Seriously. Me and ma friend are huge fans of point & click horror adventures, and we've been waiting for exmortis 3 since the day we cleared exmortis 2 back in 2006. I smell something damn epic coming..

Anyway, thankies for all your awesome games, we'll be always looking forward to your new projects)

LefflerWebDesign responds:

Cheers for the kind words. I certainly hope the game lives up to expectations. I've put a lot of myself in to creating it, and so far I have nothing but excitement for the product - which is rare considering I am my own worst critic...


2009-05-15 22:11:25

Will the full version be playable on a mac?

LefflerWebDesign responds:

That is the plan at the moment. We have a few small technical things we need to sort out before giving a definitive yes on that question...


2009-05-15 22:27:30

Looks epic. Can't wait for it!


2009-05-15 23:19:31

Wait there's going to be two versions? Sad day.

LefflerWebDesign responds:

I've spent the last 6 months working full time (and two years working part time before that) on this Exmortis game, my friend... What can I say? A man's got to eat and pay the bils somehow. :)

Look at it this way, if I wasn't bankrolled to create a commercial Exmortis product, this final chapter in the series would have turned out vastly short of the mark in terms of quality... especially compared to what I've produced thus far in Exmortis 3.


2009-05-16 00:35:33

so... its like the others?

or a more balanced (in terms of action, not horror) story?

will it conclude?

i mean i guess one can achieve greater fear by the sense of limited time/post destruct'd city/having to run from, or fight some monsters

rather than screamers....

but if it is like the other 2, then it's ok, it will rock

LefflerWebDesign responds:

Take the best elements of Exmortis and Exmortis 2, add additional gameplay elements, a very polished GUI and inventory system, 3D elements, cinematic sound effects, music, dynamic lighting and unique blend modes... And you'll have Exmortis 3.

This is by far the best work I've produced, and being my own harshest critic - I'm sure you all won't be dissappointed.


2009-05-16 00:36:48

btw telling the story from different perspectives could help too (multiple characters, and their way 2 survivall in the city)

just throwing an opinion, i suck, so i will shut up, im sorry

LefflerWebDesign responds:

It was indeed an idea of mine to tell the story from multiple views at the beginning of producing this game, however I nixed the idea after I completed the first chapter. I felt that it would be over complicating a story that has previously prospered from being linear.

"Keeping it simple" is vital to a 'casual game' being successful.


2009-05-16 01:23:23

Man, Exmortis 3 is just a few months away! I printed this out and hung it over my computer, and it's awesome and immensely creepy at the same time. BTW, what is the difference between the free version and the paid version?

LefflerWebDesign responds:

The free vs commercial version comparison will be released closer to the game being unleashed. Suffice to say, I expect the commercial version will have approximately 2-3 times as much content. Keep your eye on the Exmortis 3 blog at for those details


2009-05-16 01:35:14

Fuck, that's an epic poster bro. I remember when I first played your games when I was 14-15. I've been waiting for 2-3 years for it to release. Soon the game will be released and get to know how the series end. The game WILL be an epic winner!

LefflerWebDesign responds:

I love how everyone is using the word "EPIC" ... it's exactly the vibe I am firing for with this game... :) It seems I'm on the right track then, eh? :)


2009-05-17 21:20:40

heya Ben, think you can give us an exact release date for NG?


2009-05-18 00:36:43

Gaaaaaaah finish it already! Then I can update my favorite content again.

After this project is done it would be nice to see some more short projects. We can never get enough of a fix from you.


2009-05-21 07:37:08

I was just wondering will Exmortis 3 be available for free play? Or is it just a free demo, it just seems a waste of so much of your time without getting paid lol.

Amazing series by the way, i think Exmortis has actually revamped the definition of online survival horrors!


2009-05-22 22:54:10

Hey man, two things...
1. Can you give us a little more of a hint to when Exmortis three is going to hit us here at newgrounds?
2. Do you listen to Heaven and Hell? If so, I am making a music video for the song Eating the Cannibals and I was wondering if you had any Ideas of how I should go about doing this.
BTW: The music video is live action.


2009-05-29 23:25:39

it's time to release the game now. it's done or should be now.


2009-05-30 22:59:27

the poster is now my background on my desktop! now get back to work and finish the damn game!!!!
this is me going thru withdrawl ;) cant wait for part 3


2009-06-01 01:17:39

Hey man just a question out of fear...
Will I miss out too much of Exmortis 3 if I don't get teh SUPER DOWNLOADerz edition or what? hope you havent turned back on us newgroundrz for teh moolah


2009-06-09 14:06:06

I love point and click horror games and you are by far the best I've seen and I've played a lot. The new poster looks incredible and I can't wait for it to finally come out. I've been on your blogs of this and seen some of the screenshots. There crazy! And also you said there's gonna be some huge exploration thing. Where are you going to be able to go? I hope this game lives up to the hype. I'm very, VERY, sure it will. Good luck.

PS: Anyone reading this, please check out the exmortis 3 blog as posted above the poster. You'll see some incredible screenshots and hear some pretty cool info on the game so far. Laters!!!


2009-06-13 16:30:03

Your games are top notch material. If you were to release your games on xbox live, I'd surely buy them.

I had read that diary from "exmortis 2" a couple of times, and it still entertain me. You could write stories for movies even.

I wish you good luck with whatever projects you have in mind.


2009-06-20 18:06:51

I must say I can't wait for this game seeing how it's almost impossible to find a good point and click scary game but one thing is bugging me and I'm sure you've masterfully engineered a way through this; I assumed from the info given in the previous exmortis games that since Vlaed came back everyone is only guess is that the main character in ex3 is a slave that they've kept maybe or MAYBE the main isn't human at all! Dun dun dun! well anyway I doubt you can answer these topics but know that I'll be the first in line to play this game.
BTW any release date that you can give yet? (even if it's just an estimate i mean who needs exactness?)


2009-06-20 22:08:29

Digging the poster Leff.

Can't wait for this game, I can tell this is gonna be a long fun ride.


2009-06-23 13:37:03

August! And on Fizzy not newgrounds!? DUDE!


2009-06-23 16:01:10

hey, when do u plan 2 release exmoretis 3 anyways? :D


2009-06-29 14:57:34

Ok, perhaps my last post was a bit blunt, but, I was a bit suprised by the content of your release of exmortis 3. You are going to post it on newgrounds, right? I mean if not, thats cool. I don't mind paying to play your awesome game. As long as it is available to play on the mac. Cheers.


2009-07-01 03:32:37

Let me guess.... That's Vlaew in the poster, right?

And I still love that quote, "what was, what is, and what will be"


2009-07-03 01:07:11

How about newgroundsite or newgroundish or newgroundese. Oh we could do this I think we could.


2009-07-07 21:34:02

HOLY SHIT! I just checked out the blogspot, that big demon guy ... damn, you're really progressing from that single screenshot you revealed a year ago. But I'm confused. In the 2nd, after defeating The Hand and getting to Vlaew blocking the exit, the sky looks different. Also in that screenshot everything looks like it's back to normal: GHeFMljNvI/AAAAAAAAADo/4S0NfLWj9JQ/s1 600-h/Screenshot01.gif

But now it's back to the post-apocalyptic crap, as can be seen in the more recent screenshots. I'm confused. And at the end, Vlaew said something about a "new age." What did he mean? An age for him and the demons, or a tyrannical reign over humanity?

Sorry about all the questions, but this is the last one. How much closer are you to finishing?


2009-07-09 16:00:53

if i make love to you will u give me a free download of the game?


2009-07-13 18:22:03

badass wen is it coming out????


2009-07-18 16:55:16

Mr.Leffler I been a Huge fan of your flash game works!, and love all sorts of online games from EverQuest to PokerStars and even Horror Games that you create.
I do have a question im sure alot of your loyal fans have been asking but I havent been around lately to look it up,When is the Exmortis 3 Release date on the Net/Newgrounds?, I ask because im realy pumped up from the recent screenshot's I seen of it!.
I know It might bug the hell outta ya of people constantly asking this but I ask because as I stated I havent been around online mutch to look up the official release date of Exmortis 3.


2009-07-18 19:30:02

I'd rather not see all these screenshots, I don't want a great game to be spoiled for me ;)


2009-07-18 22:40:11

And holy shit. I noticed the sky was turning red earlier, nothing unusual, but now a lot of clouds appeared out of nowhere, with lightnings and winds.

I hope the exmortis don't come here tonight, I have yet to see the new Harry Potter movie D:


2009-07-22 18:04:59

Dude, I'm so exited. I'm going to have to start wearing plastic garbage bags instead of underpants, but at least I'll be prepared for the next terrifying and awesome sequel. Good luck, man.


2009-07-22 21:51:06

Cant wait^^ these games have suuscceded ((i know i spelled the wrong, brain fart sorry^^; )) in giving me a nitemare and a broken chair so i greatly look forward to number 3


2009-07-29 19:51:38

Everyone, I have an announcement! Exmortis 3 is bound for August 2009! Not too much longer, only a few days or a few weeks ... who gives a flying fuck!!!! Can't wait!!! =D


2009-08-01 18:37:07

Hooray! August is here! Hopefully it's only maybe 20 days till Exmortis 3 is released!


2009-08-03 13:40:03

Yes! Hopefully this game will be out soon. Can't wait.
*Hopes it'll make the portal history.*


2009-08-04 20:09:12




2009-08-06 16:02:16

your exmortis series scare the shizz out of me how do you get the idea of making the games or is it a real story that you found?


2009-08-09 09:21:18

when will it come out


2009-08-11 23:52:43

Guys, I just realized something. In the very near future, this game will be one day from completion, and then BAAM! The curse will rear it's ugly head and wipe everything. It hasn't showed up yet because it's waiting for the right moment to strike. I just got a feeling something bad is going to happen. The only to do now is wait, and watch.


2009-08-16 16:51:50

thats tha best poster ever

ps uv ur games there fun fun fun


2009-08-16 18:44:45



2009-08-16 20:45:07

i wuz thinkin since u created lord vlaew u cud tell me wut hes wearin in exmortis 2 cuz i wanna be him for halloween

respond at


2009-08-18 15:43:30

Not too much longer now ...


2009-08-22 02:26:24

Yor area sick, (mind-...) ill man...

I love you :D

Great P 'n' C Games!!!

More like this, we need !! :D

Chers 'n' Peace!


2009-08-27 11:12:10

Can't wait for it!


2009-08-27 17:30:06

Whilst reading though all your blog comments, I've noticed that you said you're restricted to a 10 Mb uploading size. There is a way to fix that, just contact the site's admin, Tom fulp requesting a bigger filesize upload, and I'm sure he'll allow it for you. He's done so in the past, with some of my friends' work. /495866
The filesize here is 18.9 MB, so feel free to upload the full deal with Exmortis 3 (Both Versions maybe?) :)


2009-08-28 22:19:14

YES!!!!! WE'RE SO CLOSE!!!!!! IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!!! Whew....ok I'm good. I think that with this on the brain my Psych class is gonna be in for it lol. :) Thank you so much for being so wicked.

Myss Fly


2009-08-29 22:36:38

Ben looks tight man can't wait for the 3rd one man!