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Exmortis 3 Game Poster

2009-05-15 21:33:21 by LefflerWebDesign

Greetings Newgroundians (is that even a word?)

I was going to save it for a moment closer to release, but then I thought "aah - what the hell... you can't hold back the demon apocalypse now, can you?" So heres a nice little Exmortis 3 poster which I knocked up during the week for the 3RD Sense office here.

For the full size poster, grab it at ... Download, distribute and start getting excited! Exmortis 3 is not far away :)

Ben Leffler.

Exmortis 3 Game Poster


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2009-08-31 16:25:34

Very soon now ...


2009-09-01 13:24:54

Uh Ben...

I was promised an August release.

But take you time man, I'd rather have a quality game.


2009-09-01 22:56:20


I have been waiting all month...but like physicsman09 said...I would rather have the BEST quality and alittle late, then a crappy game on time.



2009-09-03 14:45:38

4 DAYS!!!


2009-09-03 15:32:21

I quite enjoyed Exmortis 1 and 2, the narative was rich and thick. I'm eagerly awaiting to see what awaits us, the players, in Exmortis 3.


2009-09-04 14:35:08



2009-09-04 19:55:45

Yeah, I already said that.


2009-09-06 23:18:59

What time on the 7th? Isn't it already the 7th over in Australia?


2009-09-07 08:23:10

Exmortis 3 comes out today, who else has been waiting 3 years for this?


2009-09-07 09:47:06

I came here to leave a comment, but was delighted to find that Exmortis 3 should come out today!
The excitement is killing me!


2009-09-07 11:34:00

don't get me wrong, i'de love for Exmortis3 to be released today, but i can't find any thing with Leffler say that it was supposed to be released on the 7th.


2009-09-07 12:44:21

Follow him on twitter, he said it was coming out today.


2009-09-07 13:15:01

Shit, international date line.



2009-09-07 13:36:44

So long as it doesn't take another year, I don't mind waiting. The longer means the better too!


2009-09-07 14:50:53

it's supposed to be released on the 7th? The 7th in what country? I'm pretty sure it's already the 8th in Australia!


2009-09-07 16:45:46

is going to come out at tonight

maybe he want us to release to scared us i hope


2009-09-07 17:22:15

no worries. I'd rather it come out at night. After all, I'd rather play it in the dark with headphones.


2009-09-07 17:29:13

Ben, I know what was...

I know what is...

I still don't know what will be...

Release Exmortis 3? Please?


2009-09-07 17:50:36

not until night time


2009-09-07 18:02:31

What was......The Hand........What is.........Vlaew.....What will be..........e will find out tonight.


2009-09-07 18:39:56

Vlaew is a final boss


2009-09-07 20:23:51

Um, he said "What is ... Vlaew" because well, you know, "What was, what is, and what will be."

Anyway, excited for tonight, Ben! But, where does it say its release is tonight?


2009-09-07 20:40:11

>waiting for nighttime

night time in what country?


2009-09-07 20:55:19



2009-09-08 16:12:32

20 bucks? There better be some awesome stuff in there Ben.


2009-09-09 05:05:43

It looks very good but demos for pay games are gonna be the cancer that kills Newgrounds. This is one step away from this site being flooded by those crappy virtual villagers type pay flash games.


2009-09-09 18:52:31

I wonder why the rating for your game is so low towards your earlier sequels. Oh wait, you have to pay it.

While you did say it took 3 years of work. I don't anyone saw that you would actually have to PAY for it to play it.

You should make a newgrounds FULL Version but leaves some bonus stuff for the actual FULL version.


2009-09-09 19:05:23

Dammit Ben, I've been waiting YEARS for this fucking game, and now I have to PAY for it? I hate you. I hate you so much right now. I loved Exmortis 1 and 2 AS FLASH GAMES. FREE flash games. Not ones that cost $20+.


2009-09-09 20:15:21

Don't be such pricks. This game looks so much better than many of the games you actually pay for.

However, I do hope you realease a free full version in a few months.

OR, do you think you could release it for xbox live? I'd rather buy games on live.


2009-09-11 16:03:50

I don't HATE him, actually, he just really let me down. BADLY. For so long, I was expecting a free flash game. That's just not possible though.


2009-09-15 09:57:47

To be fair, he never made secret of the fact that the 3rd instalment would cost money. I can see why people are upset that it costs money to play in its entirity, but what I don't get is why the reviews are panning it so hard for that very reason. It is still an excellent point and click by any standards.

Ah well.


2009-09-17 21:53:49

....i wanted to ask you why r u charging 20 dollars to play the game???


2009-09-26 01:06:48

i got to play the full version off a friend of mine and ill be mature enough to admit even though im ashamed that you had to buy it, it was actually a worthwhile game but still i wonder. do you feel that you lost a lot of fans to the exmortis series? and what inspired you to make people buy it?


2009-09-26 19:15:30

I'm lost here. Someone check out my page to see where I'm stuck at in this game.


2009-09-28 08:50:48

Thus, the full version will go to, don't I have to pay before I can download it? Example: last time I wanted to play swords and sandals 2 (that was WAY long time ago) I had to pay for it.


2009-10-07 22:08:30

Fuck, now I wanna play Exmortis 4! The ending of the 3rd was a big cliffhanger, and I had NO idea what those big insect-looking things were that you see in the portal Vlaew opened. But what exactly did Mr. Hannay do once in the portal? Did he jump of the rock and suicide, deciding his work was finished after destroying Vlaew? Did he sacrifice himself to the bug-like monsters, again realizing his work was finished? Did he take Vlaew's throne? Or, using the teleportation power he got from Azrael, did he teleport to a new area? There's so many possibilities. Please, someone give me an answer!


2009-10-25 20:20:26

Actually, I came up with a new theory: if you chose to be evil (like you left Azrael to be tortured for eternity and you killed that cannibal guy), then Mr Hannay takes Vlaew's throne and becomes just like him, but if you chose to be good (killing Azrael and sparing the cannibal guy), then Mr Hannay takes the throne of Vlaew and becomes the "good guy" Vlaew, or possibly Azrael. But I have another couple of problems, one with the story, the other with a possible glitch: 1. I can't find the priest's diary 2. How did Vlaew learn English? Azrael can't speak English, yet his (allegedly) superior brother can? Guess it may be the fact he's been wandering the earth and has learned it somehow.


2009-11-26 10:33:29

Ihavent played it yet but man it looks like one kick-ass game


2009-11-29 19:35:18

Is this poster published?


2010-01-17 01:36:55

So. . . Is Exmortis the only horror games you're making, or will there be others outside of the series?


2010-02-08 17:20:40



2010-07-17 18:18:01

I'm looking forward to your game. Love scary games.

I played the demo, it's good, I'd definitely buy your game if it was in any stores in America.

I just have one simple question to ask for your incoming Exmortis 3 release. It's still has it's scary aspect, right..?


2010-08-20 14:11:41

Regarding your response on my review; What I meant by selling out was doing exactly what Youda does and overpricing an indie game. Turning the series into commercial use is completely understandable, thats pretty much the point of having the Indie genre. It's why places like Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam have things like these, so that people can make a small time mini game and hopefully make a little money for their work. Because people have bills to pay and mouths to feed, nothing in this world is for free, and If people could see that, then maybe they'd understand why you decided to hook it up onto commercial use.

However, that being said, $20 is a lot of money, and a lot of comments/reviews/hatemail say the same thing; with that money they could buy a game for Playstation 2/Steam. But then again, considering the time you put into this game, (and I mean, a LOT of time) Its understandable to a certain degree of why the price is so high.