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Goliath The Soothsayer

2007-12-18 23:39:40 by LefflerWebDesign

Hi all,

Just letting everyone know (because for some reason, posting the trailer up in the Alpha section isn't working) that my new "Point N Click" horror/supernatural themed game is coming to Newgrounds very soon.

I was contacted by Universal Records in July this year about producing an Exmortis style game to help market the release of the new Mars Volta album, The Bedlam in Goliath. The story is based upon the real Mars Volta tale of using an Ouija Board that Omar picked up in Jerusalem. Following the group's use of the board, many strange things and bad mishaps began happening to the group and those around them.

Goliath the Soothsayer's story will follow the tale of a person caught in the middle of the board's curse, and his attempt to break free and destroy the board before it can claim any one else's soul.

Not as lengthy as Exmortis2 due to dead line and time contraints - but packs a whole duffle bag full of punch, polish and puzzles. Additional screenshots are posted at

Goliath the Soothsayer hits Newgrounds on the same day as The Mars Volta: The Bedlam in Goliath is released :: January 29th, 2008.


Goliath The Soothsayer


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2007-12-19 10:06:05


LefflerWebDesign responds:

messy, actually... ;)


2007-12-19 19:32:15

sweet and ur still #1 spot on my favorite authors list lol and read about how some of your stuff got stolen, is that true? lookin forward to this game

LefflerWebDesign responds:

Thanks brother. I continue to look for new and exciting ways to further the horror point-n-click genre by introducing new animation styles, pushing the boundaries of what can be done in Flash and finding new ways for the player to interact with the game.

At the moment I have an idea that may revolutionise flash gaming, but it's a long way off before I work out all the kinks... :) If I told you any more, I'd have to kill you.


2007-12-19 19:34:33

thats pretty awesome lol
hope its get done soon

LefflerWebDesign responds:

The game's been done for a couple of weeks now. It will be released initially at at the pre-order page for the new Mars Volta album, The Bedlam in Goliath. Then it will be here at Newgrounds on Jan-29.


2007-12-19 19:35:01

oh yeah ive heard some of ur stuff got stolen is that true

LefflerWebDesign responds:

It did indeed. Unfortunately I was at the time about half way through creating Exmortis3 at the time. Which means it's a start from scratch scenario. Unless another time intensive paying job comes up, Exmortis3 is my working project...


2007-12-22 19:36:05

Sweet man, I am a huge fan of your work. =)


2007-12-22 22:00:32

looks sweat and will exmortis3 be the last exmortis

LefflerWebDesign responds:

It will indeed... The be-all-and-end-all of the series I'm afraid... You heard it heard 1st :)


2007-12-24 23:19:29

I love your work and know that this is going to be great. Jan. 29th? I am counting down the days right now!

LefflerWebDesign responds:

Thanks mate... I'm looking forward to the reaction from the community. When I say this title has a lot of parallels with the original Exmortis - I'm not kidding... :)


2007-12-30 10:20:33

kewl, this looks scary so after i play it i will have to change my pants agian. Btw, i still think that your first exmortis is the best, but i still can't wait to play #3.


LefflerWebDesign responds:

Gonna be hard to top the original Exmortis experience... because it was a trend setter at a time when Flash gaming was still in it's infancy... I'll have to come up with something special for Exmortis3... :)


2008-01-02 02:05:36

dude they mention the the goliath game on wiki

LefflerWebDesign responds:

Word to the Wiki... :)


2008-01-02 22:27:58

beaten your game (little help from a stragety guide for a few parts) and the endings were pretty good keep it up man


2008-01-04 10:39:10

im just wondering (this question been bugging me) what if someone made a parodie of your game lol


2008-01-10 15:33:31

it is such a great game, a little short though, but it is excellent.

it's quite creepy


2008-01-13 11:50:56

Someone made a parody called the house of jeff and lee. Just do a title search here.


2008-01-13 20:36:29

yeah really cool. can't wait. is it gonna be as scary as the exmortis series? also i was wondering if you would make a flash game with me, but yeah, i have a story with twists and everything, but i can't draw it.


2008-01-17 17:38:32

I played the game on Amazon. IT IS AWESOME. Now get going! I wanna play Exmortis 3 already. Exmortis 1 and 2 were unbelievable. simply amazing.


2008-01-29 20:32:30

where is it? it's supposed to come out today.


2008-01-31 01:04:49

What happened to Exmortis 3??? I was really looking forward to that. :(


2008-01-31 15:09:06

Nice game!
I played it before I even knew you helped make it.


2008-02-01 15:00:01



2008-02-01 20:44:14

Hey Ben I think your work is awesome I love these type of games and you are really good at making them! Also your aussie and so am I! And so is that Jazza guy who made PALADIN: The Game! It seems we aussie can make some damn good flash games!

Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work :D


2008-02-01 22:52:20

Hey man! Im kinda like a new member here and I WAS making a horror flash game until my 30 day trial expired. I was inspired by your game Exmotis, the game Alone in the Dark and that flash game Trapped. I wanted to thank you for that. (Scared the hell out of me Exmortis)


2008-02-03 04:31:44

If Exmortis 3 is over the file size limit, do not take stuff out. It would be wiser to ask Tom for permission (for the fans sake).


2008-02-03 11:05:01

will there be walkthroughs?


2008-02-05 09:21:16

can you tell me the full story behind the game please?


2008-02-05 17:31:47

dont show me it again!
i hate that intro to the game. i shit myself twice. scaryier than any movie i saw just because of the depth and the surrealism that was in it, especaily at that opening sequance with that wavy room. that same effect was also used in final cut (i think that was what it was called.. (the game where you operate on army patients)


2008-02-09 12:29:36

Hey Ben, your one of my favorite authors. You make very good, quality games, and Goliath The Soothsayer is no exception. The storyline was very good and easy to follow, and the main objective was simple as well. On the first time around, I was pretty spooked by the ghost in the hallway, but now, I ain't scared at all of this game (thank god!). By the way, that dark figure in the woods was Goliath, right? I'm pretty sure it is. So yup, Ouija Boards sure are spooky, that's why I'll never own one.

OK, now I now that I'm going to get off topic but I want to talk about Exmortis a little here. If you ask me, Exmortis 1 was quite more scary than Exmortis 2, most likely because it had a darker, unknown feel to it. Speaking of unknown, I have one question. You know that ghost in the ground floor hallway? WHO IS THAT?!??! Probably Xavier, but I just wanna know. That question has been burning in my mind for months, and it would be nice if I could just get an answer.

So bottom line, GTS was a great game, and so are all your other games. If you can find the time to respond to me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck on Exmortis 3!



2008-02-11 10:06:17

Goliath was great, man. I'm now working through ExMortis and am already looking forward to the second chapter. Oh! I also played Purgatorium. Anywho- fun stuff. Thanks for the creeps!


2008-02-13 16:40:52

dude, your work is incredible! you know how to scare people.
and I can't wait for exmortis 3.
now if you excuse me im going in my spooky bunker under my house.


2008-03-20 13:01:14

wath are you man some satanic god horror pro!?
you rock man i luvd all your games and the goliath the soothsayer relly sounds creepy it needs to be out soon or i'll flip


2008-03-31 07:16:29

At any chance, will there be a fourth sequel to the exmortis games?
if so, could it have a guy vomiting in the sink?


2008-04-18 03:51:22

You are a legend and my hero! I play plenty of games that give me a jump here and there but your creations leave me terrified physically and mentally! It's a sick thing to be so excited about but you are a god among men! I hope you continue to make your amazingly jaw dropping twisted works of art!
PS: I noticed you responded to a comment saying you are working on Exmortis3!? I can not freakin wait! How far along are you? If you don't mind me asking.


2008-05-27 00:10:45

*crying over lack of updates about Exmortis 3*


2008-05-28 09:30:35

Do you make your games alone or is someone helping you?
Good graphicks, thou.
By the way...
When do you release Exmortis 3?
Even Mr. Hannay is dead?


2008-06-09 21:41:33

That happens to be the main protagonist on the Goliath the soothsayer wallpaper right?


2008-06-17 18:23:15

Forgive me for repeating myself, but sir? You are an artist. Your blending of storyline, graphics, sounds and game play has placed you well above the vast majority. Now get on your pedistal so the masses may worship you! Hehe, it also seems that you've managed to frighten quite a few in the process of your puzzles and plots. I aplaud you, and eagerly await your next work.

(P.S. Hearing that Exmortis 3 will have more parallels to Exmortis made me one very happy camper. I still believe the first was your masterpeice.)


2008-06-20 16:10:51

Come on! Update your blog already! It's been over 4 months! Come on! Make Exmortis 3 already! It's been TWO YEARS! Come on!!!!!


2008-07-01 07:23:51

Glad to hear that Exmortis 3 hasn't been abandoned, heh. Hope it comes out in the near future!


2008-07-09 01:54:52



2008-07-09 21:57:33

I like the photo-realism that your games have. I hope you have a long and succesful flash career


2008-07-17 14:03:28

ive been wondering about exmortis 3 n'all and thoght of asking you to put a beta or demo up could you

cheers ozzy


2008-07-27 21:09:25

good old benny.
whats taking so long with the 3rd exmorits??


2008-07-27 21:10:29

you just kinda dissapeared off the face of the earth one day.
hit me back.
id like to hear from you


2008-08-02 15:59:56

Best game yet!


2008-08-05 21:57:14

How is Exmortis 3 coming along?And by the way, Goliath the Soothsayer is a pretty cool game


2008-08-24 10:04:16

for wut seeks us is denid death but for wut them seeks enmasse the exmortis u must pick the dagger to deny urself ben u sure no demons like I do


2008-09-14 13:39:13

wow this a great game to scare people with. Keep up the good work (i beat the game) :)


2008-10-04 02:22:15

im sure u hear this all the time from ur fans,but when is exmortist 3 comming out?

we're just anxious that's all and it has been almost a year since u last gave us an update xP



2008-10-05 12:56:37

hey ben i rley like ur games

rley lookin forward exmortis 3
r u gonna make a trailer or somthing lke that?



2008-10-21 23:16:49

your work is so good!!!
can you please let me know when Exmortis 3 is coming out please? i cant wait!!
and its a very big shame to hear that its your last exmortis :(
please write back!!


2008-11-01 12:13:47

I am truly looking forward to your next masterpiece. I just can't get enough of the Ex Mortis series. and i think universal got more than their moneys worth with Goliath th Soothesayer.